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"Former President of Nigeria Dr. Goodluck Jonathan has stated that Atiku Abubakar will lead Nigeria forward. Speaking during the PDP Presidential Campaign at Port Harcourt, Goodluck Jonathan said Rivers State is total for PDP and there is nobody that can distract the People. He said, Rivers State has been a PDP state and want to thanked them for their commitment despite the challenges and their firm to support the Governor and push the agenda of the PDP. “All of us know from May 2015 till date the numbers of things that have ever happened in this country have been happening” “In 2015 I did mention that the choice before Nigerians is either to move forward or to move backward and within the past four years you can attest to yourselves are we going forward or we are going backward or we are starting, he added” Jonathan said, all the indices of development be it unemployment, poverty, health status, happiness everything that is mentioned non of them have made any progress and I believe that you all know that we can’t as a nation continue to stay where we’ve been. “And we believe very sincerely that the only person among all interested now, that can lead us and get us out of the woods is Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, he said” “Abubakar will lead Nigeria forward. Abubakar will not discriminate against you. Abubakar will not have the ratio of 75% and 5%, all part of this country will be treated equally.” “So if your son or daughter is qualify to be an IG he will be appointed, if your son or daughter is qualify to be appointed as chief of army staff, he will be appointed. “You will not be discriminated against and that is the person we are all supporting. He has be tested, when he was vice president to Obasanjo they did very well, they never discriminated against any part of this country and that is why the country was relatively stable. I believe and I’m sure you all believe that a vote for Atiku, a vote PDP is a vote for progress.

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